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Sharing space and supporting each other’s skills, SSDM has welcomed roundtable6 to 850 Stephenson Highway in Troy, enabling both agencies to bring more customized solutions to a wider range of clients.

A meeting of the minds


During SSDM’s 12 years in business, we have had the opportunity to get to know other agencies and to work together to achieve client success.

One such agency is roundtable6 (rt6). Its model is based on the collaboration of six different disciplines: marketing, strategy, creative, production, measurement, operations.

When a new project kicks off, a representative from each of the disciplines takes a seat at the table. 

Client solutions are designed using an integrated communications approach. Same as us.

What’s different is the expertise. Neither company does what the other does. And that’s why it made so much sense to move next door.

SSDM and Round table 6 Office building

Image Source: The Surnow Company


Stronger and better


Marketers are taking a closer look at budgets and making decisions based on more specific services offerings to maximize ad spend while maintaining marketing and sales goals and objectives.

The collaboration between SSDM and rt6 will facilitate that. Each agency will be able to bring a more complete range of services to each of their respective and joint clients.

SSDM will provide the digital activation prowess and rt6 will bring the branding, product marketing and retail know-how. We are making each agency stronger and better, together.

SSDM’s Nick Skislak was talking with rt6’s Steve Petsillos and the conversation came around to physical space. The CEOs were discussing rent for virtually empty offices since both agencies were fully running remotely.


Time and place


An idea hatched, and now we are collaborating in a physical space as well, on the penthouse floor of our building at 850 Stephenson Highway,  all under one roof.


Skislak, SSDM CEO notes, “We will continue to operate as separate companies, but the proximity will enable us both to offer our comprehensive expertise to a wider range of clients.”
Petsillos, rt6 CEO says, “When you think about what we do well (branding, product marketing and retail) and what SSDM does well (digital activation, targeting and measurement), we think there’s never been a better time for us to join forces. It’s a move that makes our model better – and more importantly, it makes things better for our clients. Everyone at both shops is excited about the opportunity. We all know how challenging things have been in 2020, so we’re proud to be getting better and stronger.”

If you’re curious to learn more about how this arrangement might benefit your business, give us a call.