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We are operating in a time of fear and uncertainty due to COVID-19 and we face big questions that cannot be answered immediately.

Communication is absolutely essential

  • How long will it last?
  • What does the new normal look like?
  • What’s next?

One question that we can answer, however: how should we market to prospects, residents, families and potential employees?

We can answer this question because the actions and outcomes are well within our control. The short answer is … do not go away. Communicate. People still have needs and they are looking for answers and assurance. But what do we communicate, and to whom?


Feed your pipeline

With more people working from home, they are checking in on their folks more often and they have more time to do research regarding solutions. You need to be there. Now is a good time to enhance your organic search and optimize your ad messaging. Maybe you can’t conduct tours, but you need to encourage engagement through visits to your website. 

Offer downloadable information, virtual tours, or suggest a nice phone chat. These are all important communication channels that can lead to a feeling of comfort and trust. One that can lead to a relationship.

living room at a senior living community

Speak to your residents’ families

Many senior communities are not allowing visitors, which is a difficult situation for residents, but also for families. They have (increased) concerns and would love to be informed … so inform them. Increase social media posts. Show residents enjoying life, tell them what you are doing to keep them safe. Videotape special events at your community location, provide resident feedback and testimonials.

Communicate through automated email marketing and newsletters. This offers an opportunity to provide more details and can take a more serious tone. Be an expert, provide information and establish credibility and thought leadership.

Communicate, over-communicate; your audience will appreciate you even more.

group of seniors smiling and talking

People are looking for work, so recruit

Unfortunately, as this virus spreads, people are losing their jobs. Now is the time to reach out. Tell them about openings, your culture, why senior living is such a good career choice for now or maybe in their future. Conduct virtual interviews, screen and hire if needed. This could just be the win-win that you and they need.

Yes this coronavirus world is not good.  But now is the time to make it better. Do something good. For yourself, for your business, and for others. Communicate!

Together we will get through this.