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This is a bizarre time for us all. Across the globe, the current situation sparks concerns for families and business owners. With limitations and curfews expanding, small businesses and other establishments have shut down to help flatten the curve.

“Doing business” has a new meaning

Fortunately, there are many brands that are turning this adversity into a meaningful opportunity to build a community. Businesses are letting everyone know they are here to support in any way possible, even as it affects them. This goes to show that when a sector of our society deals with hardship, the global community is here to support. Here are some creative ways businesses are supporting other businesses today.

Supporting Hospitals 

Retailers and fashion brands are committing to design and donate scrubs, masks, and other necessary equipment to hospitals around the world. Ford Motor Company and appliance company Dyson recently shared that engineers and manufacturers are working to design and build ventilators. Large tech companies like Apple and Facebook have donated masks in significant quantities.

JOANN, the well-known fabric company, donated fabric to help its social followers make cotton face masks. They recently shared a video explaining how to create safe-to-use masks at home and are checking in on crafters’ progress.

healthcare worker spraying sanitizing aerosol
stack of face masks

It’s no surprise that our school systems have been severely affected. So businesses like Comcast, Audible, Khan Academy, Zoom, and more, are providing free resources to support students and teachers during this shift to virtual learning and home-schooling.

girl working on her laptop

Education continues virtually

Comcast has promised to provide free internet access for low-income families and new speed adjustments to its basic Wi-Fi packages. In early March, Zoom CEO Eric Yuan has announced that he is granting K-12 schools free access to his company’s video calling software. 

On our local level, the Detroit Public Library has made books available digitally for residents with a library card. While students and schools are making this necessary change, it is heartwarming to know that businesses are here to support.

Giving back to those on the frontline

Health care workers have made an oath to treat the ill. Hospital maintenance workers, nurses, and doctors are risking their safety for the public good. So fashion, beauty, and food-service companies have stepped up to offer their products and services to those on the frontline. 

L’Oréal, the famous makeup conglomerate, is using its factories to produce hand sanitizer for hospitals. The Body Shop donated care packages for hospital workers across the United Kingdom. 

The aesthetic scrubs company, Figs has committed to donating over 30,000 scrubs to health care workers. Starbucks is providing medical professionals with free drinks.

Crowdfunding for local businesses and schools

Crowdfunding sites like GoFundMe, LaunchGood, and social platforms like Facebook are raising funds for families, small business owners, and schools in need of financial help. Many organizations are donating to food pantries and shelters, and are providing school lunches for students in the public school system. From large scale to local organizations, the ongoing pandemic has proven to unite society in a unique way.

Detroit skyline

At SSDM, we encourage our team and readers to support local businesses

Here are some ways in which you can support your local communities:


  1. Buy a gift certificate from your local bakery or barbeque joint. This can help to fund employee payroll and any maintenance costs.
  2. Shop local stores…online! Many boutiques, through, are delivering items straight to your door!
  3. Donate tickets from canceled shows. An admission ticket can go a long way for a local theater. Consider offering your payment as a donation instead of a refund.
  4. Sign up for their newsletter. This is a great way to stay in contact with the business and provide any feedback or support online!
  5. Order takeout! One day out of the week, order from a local business to help them stay afloat. Many companies such as Sister Pie and Brome Burger are offering curbside pick-up and local delivery.

As we practice social distancing, it has been an adjustment for our favorite bakeries, boutiques or bookstores. Large scale companies are now practicing the values they preach. Whether financially or virtually, there is an opportunity to grow together.