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As a professional in the digital marketing sphere, one of the greatest feelings of accomplishment is to be asked to be an expert speaker on important topics in your field. With nine years under her belt at SSDM, Amanda Farley has eagerly begun preparations to speak at the upcoming Found Conference on September 26 in Columbus, Ohio.

The one-day event has been dubbed as “An intimate conference on the future of SEO and Content Marketing.” Speakers have been selected from a variety of organization types, industries and backgrounds from companies like CallRail, Angie’s List and As a panelist, Amanda will be presenting with two other experts regarding on “The Intersection of Search, Content and Social.” The presentation will be followed by a group discussion to fully engage conference attendees.

This event gives Amanda the perfect opportunity to speak to something she employs in her work everyday.

“I’m a big advocate for non-siloed marketing efforts and full integration of teams and strategies. Integration is what helps deliver the results that really have an impact on bottom line goals”

Amanda Farley

Accounts Director & Partner, SSDM

As part of her work with SSDM, Amanda directs client strategy including the company’s enterprise-level brands. She also leads the creative marketing teams. Speaking at Found Conference is a great opportunity to work with peers in the field and also to educate others. The topic, “The Intersection of Search, Content and Social” is an extremely important one, as the integration of strategies is a keenly important part of the of the customer journey and ultimately, marketing success.

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