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I’m only one day into Digital Summit Detroit 2017 and I already went to the wrong stage. Am I back in college again? Oops. As I walk into the room, there are a lot of open seats with people in business attire, while others are dressed pretty casually. I notice people taking notes in journals…what? I’m surprised that’s still a thing. I’m already running into people who I attended undergrad with, so that’s awesome. [Fire up, Chips]. Jen Capstraw is the keynote speaker of this sessions and as she relates food to email marketing, I already love her and want to be her friend. Definitely recommend following her on Twitter, @jencapstraw.

Here’s the lowdown on emails:

Millennials love emails, and pink. Millennial pink is a thing. They’re engaging in emails on the phone, in bed, while watching tv and they’re doing it more than anyone else. Teenagers are using email – they send christmas wish lists to their family and are subscribing to their favorite brands.

61% of People Prefer Brand Contact Through Email

Email is the preferred method of brand contact! Actually, sixty one percent prefer it and seventy percent of us had made a purchase online by email. ROI of email ranks at 38 to 1 and is consistently the #1 channel for customer interaction. Emails are increasing thanks to personalization.

Here are the email marketing maturity categories that businesses use, according the Jen:

  1. Classic – Batch and blast  (most used)
  2. Dynamic – Some advanced real time strategies
  3. Contextual – Proficient in advanced data management and more aspirational

What is the State of Email Marketing Today?

Email is certainly not dead, it’s just getting harder to execute. Did you know that by taking out the view in browser link, click through rates increased by 90% at a B2C company through Gmail? Cool stuff. Putting emphasis on the mobile experience is also key in the success of email marketing strategies to today’s audiences.

We played a game called fact vs. fiction and of course I had the hard questions. One answer was neither! Not fair. I was called on as a volunteer to play a game and I actually did it! I usually hate public speaking but it honestly wasn’t bad at all, but I didn’t get a photo, darn.

The future of email resides in kinetic or an interactive email that has web functionality. It was recommended to check out a service called RebelMail – an interactive mail service that allows users to fill out forms, surveys and other pieces directly from the body of the email. Other areas to take your email strategies into the future include:

Artificial intelligence will create the subject lines and improve subscribers. Be on the lookout for this much further down the road. Other companies like Phrasee can utilize AI by applying it to email subject lines

So Much Information, So Little Time

My final thoughts on email marketing was summed up best by Jen, “Challenge everything you know about email marketing.”

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