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The most recent additions to SSDM’s creative team are wacky, wild and wonderful. Perfect characteristics to fit right in here! In our world of digital marketing and advertising, it’s all about the impressions we make. The correct combination of words and graphics can make the user stop scrolling. That’s what we want, and Heather + Gabbey can make that happen.

Meet Heather Hoffman – Digital Content Manager

Our new content manager is a natural-born volunteer and a self-confessed neat-freak. Heather describes herself as “change-positive,” always looking for something new. A native Ohioan, that desire for change includes a pending move to Detroit, something she has always wanted to do.

From her dad, Heather developed a penchant for creating order out of chaos and from her mom, she learned to broaden her horizons. Both pieces of good advice came to bear when she developed a striking Detroit diorama in 2010 for the Burning Man Festival at the Black Rock Desert in Gerlach, Nevada.

Professionally, Heather has been writing and managing content for her entire career. She finds digital and social marketing to be fascinating and fun, which is just as it ought to be. At SSDM, she will guide content workflow and direct content strategy.

Heather is a compassionate soul who volunteers her time at the Humane Society, keeping orphaned animals company while they wait for their new owners.

Meet Gabrielle Music – Senior Visual Designer

Gabbey is complex. She is a thoroughly modern woman with hot pink hair who channels fashion and styling from decades past.

A Navy brat who grew up as a Southern belle, she toyed with the idea of being an elementary school teacher but shifted to graphic design while at Old Dominion University. She’s been at agencies large and small and just like Goldilocks said, SSDM feels “just right.”

Gabbey is a welcome addition to the creative design team where she has already put her design stamp on several client projects, including refreshing the online presence of a professional services client with an energetic new attitude. Her vision is crisp and reflective of a very modern design aesthetic.

Her stunning hand-made vintage-style jewelry is sold under the name of her alter ego and her participation in the online Miss Home Sweet Home competition funds nonprofits that support veterans and animal rescues.

Who would guess that the same gal whose guilty pleasure is chocolate-covered strawberries also loves horror movies — the gorier, the better?!

Please join us in welcoming Heather + Gabbey to the SSDM team.