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As a small business, we’re constantly looking for new ways to engage with our clients, to help them to get to know us better. For us, it’s not all about selling what we have to whoever wants to buy it. Instead, we want to give people a sense of what it’s like behind closed doors at SS Digital Media. One look at the SSDM Instagram or Twitter account offers a glimpse of our team behind the scenes, allowing our audience to see that we are real people and gain trust from that idea. SSDM’s success has undoubtedly come from our hard work and dedication to the process. But it also comes from the fact that we like to have fun together and that corresponds to the work we put out.

Indeed, social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter are super useful for companies like us to help get our brand “out there”. We love being able to connect with people so easily and effectively and try our best to take advantage of it as much as possible. With that in mind, we’d like to share with you our experience with a new app from Twitter called Periscope, and some tips on why it’s great for businesses.

Why Periscope?

Periscope is a new app from Twitter that allows you to stream whatever you want at any time. Going out for a walk? Periscope it. Cooking dinner? Periscope it. Watching TV? Periscope it. Anything you want to broadcast into the world, you can. This is a great tool for businesses to use to reach a broader audience, and it lets customers get a better sense of who that business is and what they do.


Ways to Use Periscope

There are a ton of different ways to use Periscope to benefit your business. Check out the ideas below and see if you can come up with any unique ones on your own.

  • New Product Releases – Use it to showcase products with short trailers and live videos of testing the product or see the service in action.
  • Engage with Customers – Try using Periscope to have live Q&A’s with your customers. It helps to humanize your brand as well as keeping your customers up-to-date on new products and other news. 
  • Behind the Scenes – Again, this helps to humanize your brand by letting your customers in on what you do and what office life is like for you. It helps your customers to feel more comfortable with you when they know a little more about you other than what you sell.
  • History – One thing a lot of businesses forget is that they almost all have unique histories. The journey, from conception to actualization, is something people love to hear about. Let your customers in on how your business came to fruition with Periscope.

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Try Periscope to Help Build Your Social Media Presence

Another benefit of Periscope is that it helps drive users to your other social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. You’re no doubt already using these platforms to engage with your customer base. By using Periscope, you have a medium to express this to your viewers. Tell them what they might be missing, put together a contest in order to gain followers and outline what your social media presence has to offer them.

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Try Out Periscope, Today!

You’re already working hard to promote your brand in the more ‘traditional’ social media platforms. Start using Periscope and see how much it helps your business grow. And don’t forget to get creative. Just because it wasn’t listed here, doesn’t mean it’s not a good idea. Also, don’t forget to check out SS Digital Media blog posts and social media accounts for more social media tips and advice!

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