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Here’s a quiz: Can you recite the top 10 phone numbers you frequently call without your phone in hand? If so, you’re likely in the minority. A recent report stated that nearly 1 billion smart phones are in global circulation and 143 million of them are used here in the U.S.  As a kid I can remember being able to quote dozens of my friend’s phone numbers, birthdays and even street addresses. But today my smart phone makes it incredibly easy to just hit a button and recall any piece of info.

“More than 50% of mobile phone users, use mobile as their primary Internet source”

Now before you dismiss where I’m headed, let me give the disclaimer that I’m an avid user and fan of my smartphone, smart car, smart toothbrush or any other device that helps me get through the day efficiently. But our dependence on our devices begs the question, “Is your smartphone making you dumber?” As a creative for a branding and advertising firm, I’m always looking for ways to increase exposure and engagement between a product and consumer. And our ability to now provide relevant and actionable information to the fingertips of those looking for it is a game changer.

Consider the following:

  • Mobile consumers spend 15 hours a week researching products, deals, and services.
  • 81% of smartphone users will make instant and spontaneous purchase.
  • Only 58% of PC or Laptop users will go on the spur of the moment.
  • $31 billion will be generated by mobile commerce by year 2016.

So, Is your smartphone making you dumber? If you’re not taking full advantage of the business opportunity it provides, maybe the answer is yes.


Sources: RichRelevance, Forrester Research

images: Nielsen/Google

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