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5 Spring Cleaning Tips

Now that we’re back in the groove after the Daylight Savings Time adjustment, it’s time to check your home’s detector batteries, reset your manual watches and double-check your website technologies for smooth sailing this summer.


Tip #1: SSL safely in place

One of the most important things you can do every year is to renew your (Secure Socket Layer) SSL certificate. Your web development company probably doesn’t – and shouldn’t – do this for you, as you own your certificate. This level of encryption is now standard for internet security protocols. Don’t leave home without it.


Tip #2: Server optimization is a real thing

We all dream about creating the most successful marketing campaign ever and generating so much demand that we deplete inventory or have to work overtime for weeks. But in reality, you really don’t want to ever be unprepared for high website traffic, especially if you’re involved in eCommerce.

It only takes one slow-response experience to turn off prospects forever. And heaven forbid, a high demand should actually crash your server. Then you might even make the news, and not in a positive way.


Tip #3: Post-purchase dialogue

You spent good money and lots of time to cut through the clutter to get a prospect to convert and purchase. Don’t look that gift horse in the mouth. Continue the conversation with all you’ve got. Create short surveys to learn more about their desires; suggest/request product and service reviews; schedule special pop-up sales; introduce new products, colors, varieties and partnerships. Don’t ever let a customer doubt your interest, because at least six of your competitors are waiting to demonstrate theirs.


 Tip #4: Are you bringing home the bacon?

One of the best things about digital marketing is measurement. It provides the ability to quantify goals and actually figure out what’s working and what’s not, with reasonable certainty. It makes CFOs very happy to be able to see results tied to those marketing line-items on the annual budget. Can you prove it?

If you’re not measuring, or not sure what your measurement results actually mean, this should be added to your Spring Cleaning to-do list for year-end completion. Get familiar with your metrics. Embrace them. Use them.


Tip #5: Annual check-up of tools + apps

Isn’t it amazing how many items are resident on your computer? Your server? How do they get there? How long have they been there? Have they been updated? Do you even use them anymore?

Just like your clothes closet, your tools closet should be examined and evaluated for usefulness and relevance, at least once a year. If your apps are obsolete or of no use, they are taking up room and should be uninstalled.

Didn’t you just read an article about some snazzy new software app you wanted to try? Go ahead, now that you’ve gotten rid of the unnecessary stuff and freed up some space!


We’re here for you

If any of these things are giving you a headache, we’re a big bottle of Aleve. Let us help.