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As I sit here and write, the sounds of Old Motown music drift into my head. It’s funky Friday at SS Digital Media, and our Digital Marketing Manager is the DJ.

As an incoming Senior at Central Michigan University, this internship was my ticket to graduation. This experience would be my first taste of the “real world.” I was a fresh fish leaping out of the surreal fishbowl of college.

I find it fitting to condense my experience into the blog style I was taught here. So, without further ado, here are the four things I experienced at SSDM.

#1 Take Your Time, But Hurry Up

SS Digital Media is a digital marketing firm on the rise, but small enough to the point where I was given real client work. As an intern primarily responsible for content creation, I wanted to make sure my product was clean. You have an entire list of client work that needs to be done, so do your best, and keep it up.

#2 Leave C+ Effort On Campus

Clients are not spending money for mediocre. We all have bad days, and sometimes being creative can be difficult. With that being said, you need to walk it off ASAP. Try to find new ways to spark your drive. Activities that helped me reinvigorate my drive included, but not limited to:

  • Taking a walk around the office
  • Eating a snack and really tasting the flavors
  • Talk to your co-workers (but not all day, we all have work to do), and more!

#3 Your Co-workers Take Away Stress

Your co-workers will make or break your job. SS Digital Media is a mixed basket of diverse and experienced individuals. If you open your door, they will all walk-in, bring snacks and make your life much better. I suggest becoming friends with everyone in the office as soon as you can. Being able to join in conversations and be a part of the energy here feels amazing.

#4 Digital Marketing is a Growing Tidal Wave

Coming out of a journalistic public relations program, everything was press releases and pitching to the media. Interning at a digital marketing firm opened my eyes to how truly large this market is becoming. It’s not leaving anytime soon, and I’m excited to see where it goes.

In Conclusion

If SS Digital Media was a taste of a “real world PR career”, I can’t wait for the full entree. I will never forget this internship in the summer of 2017.

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