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As we reach mid-year here at SSDM, it’s that time again. Interns come to spend some time with us and hopefully, to gain valuable knowledge that will support their future endeavors.

Sarah Jeffrey

This year we say hey to Sarah Jeffrey, a recent Central Michigan University grad with a degree in advertising. In the car, she may be listening to some country music, or perhaps a podcast on personal focus.

A self-proclaimed minimalist, she strives to live a low-clutter existence, no doubt to save room for the really important things. On the side, Sarah shops and delivers for Shipt, where she gets a kick out of arranging the items in the cart for maximum packing efficiency. (A future project manager perhaps?)

Originally from Temperance Ohio, Sarah currently lives in Royal Oak.

Michaela Kauzlarich

Also joining us this summer is Michaela Kauzlarich. Hailing from Almont Michigan, she graduated magna cum laude from Grand Valley State University, with a degree in marketing. Somehow she also found time to hold down two jobs; as a cupcake artist at The Cupcake Station and as a server at The Clean Plate, a vegan restaurant (and before you ask, no, she is not a vegan).

Michaela collects elephants, making gift decisions easy for her friends and family. In the car, she listens to podcasts, as well as indie pop, soundtracks and NF (a rapper, for those unenlightened souls).

Welcome to the bullpen!

We are delighted to have Sarah and Michaela with us this summer, as our intern program has been a great source of future SSDM teammates throughout the years. Three of our current digital strategist ninjas started here as interns. Maybe they’ll be next!