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In the previous sessions, we’ve talked about your database, how to gauge its size and strength and how to manage your prospect funnel.

Today we’re going to start a new series on how to manage your database using a CRM system. There are many to choose from, and certainly Salesforce is the industry leader. We use it. We also use SharpSpring, which is a very user-friendly, value solution.

And there are many others. So how do you decide what’s right for you or if what you’re using is the right thing?

Let’s review ten key factors to consider when choosing a CRM system:

  • Usability – it’s got to be easy to use
  • Integration – does it integrate with the other systems you use to run your business?
  • Is it a good marketing tool? It needs to be more than a way to look up prospects. It needs to include ways to engage them and track the customer journey.
  • Is it a good management tool? Does it provide good management oversight for forecasting and projecting profits?
  • Does it fit your custom needs? Make a list of those and see if it does.
  • Reports – standard and custom
  • Marketing automation – does it provide or does it integrate with a marketing automation tool?
  • Is it a responsive design that can be used on a laptop, tablet or smartphone?
  • Security and compliance – you’re dealing with customer data, so it’s very important that it’s secure
  • Cost – purchase or subscribe?

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