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There are two kinds of kudos. Those that celebrate team efforts and talents and those that reward a strategic vision and a plan that really works.

Last week, we were honored to receive an award for the latter. Each year, the Marketing and Sales Executives of Detroit bestow only two Platinum Awards, recognizing individuals in the marketing and sales field “who have distinguished themselves by helping their companies achieve critical business success.”

MSED Award

We are grateful to be part of a really different management model that empowers our team to learn, grow and do the best work possible. It’s definitely a leadership thing and we are grateful to be part of an agency, led by a visionary founder, that exemplifies that. It comes from the top down, and every good leadership management workshop tells its audience that this is the path to success. We are grateful to be part of an organization where this style doesn’t need to be learned and emulated, because it’s just part of who we are.

MSED Group

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Nick Skislak

Nick is our leader and founder at SSDM, serving as the visionary; working closely with our clients and our team to develop strategies for success. With his vast experience, Nick is able to impart how sales and marketing work hand-in-hand, always looking at the big picture to develop the most impactful ways to grow a business.

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Founded in 2008, SSDM is an integrated digital marketing agency focused on the customer journey. With an ever-growing team of nerds and ninjas, you never know what we’ll come up with next!