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The Art of the Ask

Reaching out to startups and entrepreneurs at TechTown’s Detroit Fulfillment Initiative Workshop on November 15. Nick spoke about digital marketing after Justin Wedes presented best practices about crowdfunding.

In this picture, Nick explained the moment that our lives changed with the advent of AOL. We entered the internet age; digital marketing was born and traditional marketing would never be the same.

The audience learned about the four phases of a successful digital content marketing strategy:

  1. monitoring
  2. listening
  3. posting
  4. promoting

Nick pointed out that this is a continuous cycle and that each phase supports the next.

He emphatically emphasized that monitoring is a perpetual effort. Each company should formulate a policy that addresses response times for incoming constituent input. The ability to really listen to the visitor input has to be real and honest because pat answers have no place in the dialogue. The dialogue continues with posts and their promotion. Because you are monitoring constantly, the cycle begins again with the next opportunity to listen to your audience.

SS Digital Media is a member of the Detroit Fulfillment Initiative (DeFI) is a coalition of Detroit-area businesses that help ecommerce startups with capital and funding, technical and website support as well as guidance regarding marketing and supply-chain logistics.  

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