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Marketing is a team sport

Cheryl Moscato, SSDM’s new senior client experience manager, has been involved with sports her entire life, including softball since age four, playing at the Canadian national softball level, pitching and fielding third base.

It’s no surprise that she spent three years in marketing for the NFL in Canada, and then, 10 years as VP of strategic marketing for a string of restaurant franchises, responsible for development of marcomm, event and advertising initiatives.

Automotive marketing builds character

After her decade-long stint in the franchise space, she started her own consulting agency, supporting clients in strategy, shopper, retail and trade marketing programs, as well as advising clients on business operations and training to increase employee retention and the customer experience. Cheryl also spent a few years as Global Operations/Marketing Communications Manager, in the automotive consumer experience end of the business for a multinational conglomerate.

Customer experience first

As SSDM continues to grow, the role of senior customer experience manager fits into an evolved strategy where positions and titles have given way to roles and responsibilities as the foundation for more agile client relationships.

By understanding a client’s business and its operations first, Cheryl builds trust as an extension of their marketing team, fully understanding roles and priorities so SSDM can respond in the most efficient, expeditious manner.

With an empathetic stance, she is able to get to the heart of the matter, putting herself in the position of our clients’ end-users by seeing multiple points of view.

Woman of action

As the mother of two children under eight, she is now using those same analytical skills to manage a new job, a household and homeschooling chores. But Cheryl doesn’t waste a lot of time contemplating. Instead, she takes note of the facts, then acts. Cheryl rolls with the punches, loves to travel and expose her kids to new experiences.

When asked what her favorite ice cream is, she quickly and unequivocally states that it is actually a combination of two. Chocolate and orange sherbet together. Hands down. Creamy smooth with a citrus burst. Shall we alert Ben + Jerry’s?

Please join us in welcoming Cheryl to our Client Experience team.