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We’re a very collaborative bunch. From time to time, we like to get a bead on the SSDM Team and one of the most opportune times is at the start of the New Year. We asked SSDMers what they learned in 2019, or perhaps, what they had learned previously but actually realized last year (a not so subtle distinction).

Below is the tally. Looks like we’re not only a collaborative bunch, but a pretty thoughtful one too! Unless you’re Lisa, and then, the reality is that ice cream trumps philosophy. And honestly, she speaks the truth.

“Slow down and stay steady.”

Nicole C.


“Sometimes not getting what you want is the best thing for you.”

Sarah J.


“Always be happy. Never be satisfied.”

Garry C.


“Effective listening is a life-long endeavor.”

Laura O.


“Be present and get out of your own way.”

Monica L.


“Listen to understand, not to respond.”

Aly M.


“It’s never too late to start a new path.”

Stephanie F.


“Eating two kinds of ice cream together is better than just one.”

Lisa D.


“It’s good to get out of your comfort zone.”

Susan B.


“Stay focused. Growth is supposed to be a challenge.”

Amanda F.


“Stay patient and trust your journey.”

Courtney B.


“Mistakes are the best teachers.”

Patrick E.


“Everything happens for a reason.”

Amber D.


“Never give up on your goals. Nothing that’s worth it is ever easy.”

Laura H.