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“SSDM team, what scares you the most?” From spiders to avocados, here’s each of our most honest answers…

Nick: Heights

Amanda: Not much, except scary movies really freak me out. So the opposite of Elise.

Michael: Fear of regret.

Garry: The pumpkin jacket hanging in my office.

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Laura: Nothing

Lisa: Not having candy … and heights.

Allyssa: Not being able to sleep and losing the ability to taste and smell food.

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Bossio: spiders (aka spidies)

Kelly: Eels — Especially the ones from the little mermaid? Really anything slithering within the seas.

Elise: Everything … Well, except scary movies.

Tessa: Definitely the Nun.

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Danny: Heights… like mountains.

Courtney: The dark

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Caso: I’m with Laura.

Mac: Dark water, sharks, and surgery …

Nat: The increasing cost of avocados.

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