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We asked the team what they wanted for Christmas this year, but with a catch. It had to be something that you wouldn’t find under the Christmas tree. Here’s what we’re asking for:

R And R Vacation GIF

“An all expenses paid tropical vacation”

Sarah J.

Go Feel Good GIF by Coronation Street

“A healthy family”

Garry C.

Merry Christmas Jingle Bells GIF by Wheel of Fortune

“To sing Christmas carols with my Uncle Dino again”

Monica L. 

Baby Elephant GIF

“A pygmy elephant”

Stephanie F.

Tiny House Big Living GIF

“A smaller house “

Lisa D.

Will Ferrell Usa GIF

“A bipartisan America”

Susan B. 

Baby Yoda GIF

“Welcoming a new addition to her family”

Amanda F. 

Happy Taylor Swift GIF

“To befriend Taylor Swift”

Aly M.

Colorful Night Life GIF by Phazed

“A month long vacation to Egypt or Japan”

Laura H.

Lake Michigan Beach GIF

“A lakefront cottage on Port Huron”

Amber D.

Clapping Applause GIF by It's Suppertime

“Make dinner with Matty Matherson”

Adam S.

Happy Holidays from everyone at SSDM! We hope that Santa brings you everything on your list.


Here’s to 2020.