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Get your arms around your database. You may call it your lead list, your sales funnel. Do a deep dive for a really good understanding of this most valuable asset that needs your ongoing attention.

Here are six metrics for you to consider:

  • Size: how many leads do you have? Next week we’re going to talk about how big it should be, how many do you need, and in session 12, we’ll discuss how you can build your pipeline.
  • Lead stratification and how you rank leads: hot, warm, cold … sometimes by decision timing. It’s important to evaluate this for forecasting.
  • Lead source: where are your leads coming from? How are people finding you? It’s very important to evaluate your marketing efforts and measure your return on investment.
  • Action and activity: hold your own feet to the fire. Make sure every lead has follow-up action scheduled. Work your plan and make time to follow up.
  • Interest: why are prospects calling you? What are they interested in and what do they need?
  • Pipeline strength: combination of factors working together to be able to evaluate your projections.

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