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As an integrated agency with a heavy hand in the digital space, the upcoming Digital Summit Detroit has been a highly anticipated conference for the SSDM team. With the topic of digital marketing being so vitally important to many businesses in our region, it’s no surprise that Detroit is one of the most attended Digital Summit conferences out of the 20 held annually in the United States.

This year’s conference will feature comedian, author and producer Chelsea Handler as a keynote speaker along with other notable industry thought leaders from Waze, Facebook, LinkedIn, BuzzFeed, Google and Twitter. Each session is geared around providing insights into the state of the digital marketing industry.

SSDM is eagerly preparing for our active role in this year’s conference. As one of the conference sponsors, our team will be attending both days of the event and will also see our CEO, Nick Skislak, speak during one of the breakout sessions. His presentation will feature a discussion on the latest trends in search marketing, social media, email automation and brand and content marketing.

Nick is very passionate about this topic as it is the backbone of our client marketing philosophy here at SSDM.

“Digital marketing is fascinating because changes happen so rapidly. It’s really important for all of us to get together every year to compare notes and learn from each other.”

Nick Skislak

Nick founded SSDM in 2008, working with small-business clients to maximize their search marketing efforts. Today, the agency has 15 employees and global, multinational clients. Current position openings are available at:

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