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Here’s what you need to do to keep your pipeline full.

So often, our time is not our own. We’re reacting to meetings, phone calls, requests, and all this is good, but it’s time to get our time back.

May I suggest that you start your week the previous Friday afternoon? It’s a great time to plan, schedule, and put on your calendar the things you need to do, and may I suggest these four things you need to put on your calendar every week.

Now, there’s no secret sauce here, but the point is to be disciplined and put these on your calendar.

  • Outbound phone calls: The number one priority is those hot leads, of course. But don’t forget about those warm leads and even the cold leads that you have scheduled activities in your CRM system to follow up as well.
  • Nurture the database: These aren’t calls, per se, they usually are not, actually. Often they’re emails that provide potential clients with relevant information on senior topics and activities that are going on in your community to build relationships. You want to schedule those in your marketing automation tool or platform to make sure they happen on a weekly basis.
  • Outreach: Absolutely continue to build that referral base, attend events, make outbound phone calls and work that community. But as we know, this is getting harder. People don’t like to take calls anymore, and the healthcare industry, as well, is getting far less accessible.
  • To fill the top of that pipeline, to build awareness, make sure that you’re always scheduling marketing activities – digital, social and traditional – whatever is working for you.

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