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A simple logo is just easy – easy to read, easy to pick out of a crowd (or perhaps on a busy magazine page), and most importantly, easy to remember. Simple is not always easy to make, however. A truly great simple design can often be more challenging to create than a detail heavy one. Simplicity can ride a fine line between “a child could have done that” and “boring”. The middle ground, though difficult to achieve, can produce a breath-of-fresh air, often nostalgic, appeal and message. It is of no coincidence then, that the most identifiable and time enduring brands have a great simple logo behind them.

Design is like many other things in our culture – ever changing and often cyclical. Not unlike fashion, the look and feel of an earlier time is something that seems to always come back around in the world of design. What’s popular today can be outdated tomorrow. What was popular 50 years ago can be popular tomorrow. It is hugely important for your logo to be current and contemporary, while still maintaining a timeless and long-term sustainability – all without appearing old-fashioned. Sounds easy, right?!

Logo design has seen a dramatic shift over the past few years. The glossy, 3D beveled and embossed look of the early 2000’s has given way to minimalistic flat vector based principles. You don’t have to look much further than arguably the biggest brand in the world to see this movement.

You will change your logo. It is just a fact. Almost all of the biggest brands have tweaked their logos over the years. The key here is they are often just minor changes that avoid damaging the true values of its design. Having a solid core logo from the beginning is thus critical to avoid a future overhaul which may put your brand, and it’s relationship with your audience, at risk. Brands such as Coca-Cola, Volkswagen, Shell, Walmart, and Pepsi have all successfully done this throughout the years – because their original design allowed for it.

So whether you’re a startup looking for your first logo or an established company contemplating a new look, be sure to think broadly about the sum of the parts and how your decision now could affect you down the road.