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In 1910, after the Socialist Party of America organized a Women’s Day in New York, the International Socialist Women’s Conference suggested that a Women’s Day be held annually.

109 years later, the women of SSDM honor the day with our own declarations of support, for the idea behind the Day, for our co-workers and for women everywhere.

Empowerment, encouragement and energy are the spirit behind the 2019 celebration for us. We are proud of our strength together and separately, and excited to share our thoughts and talents with each other and with all of you.

Not surprisingly, given the composition of our teams, listening, acceptance and support dominate the responses from each of the SSDM female leaders. In our collaborative environment, in our bullpen and in our client work, these three traits are the secret sauce in our recipe for success.

Elise: I empower women by being a listening ear for them whenever my coworkers need one — we work together every day and it is important to recognize when someone just needs to have someone listen.

Kelly: I work to encourage women around me (and myself) to stop overly apologizing and to stop restricting their passions and emotions within the workplace and elsewhere.

Laura: Today’s world needs the female perspective at every level, everywhere, to bring balance. I strive to practice acceptance of who we are now so we become better every day.

Dana: I empower my female coworkers by advocating for them. I am always looking out for their best interests and being their biggest cheerleader!

Nicole B.: I empower women by helping them find their passions and encouraging them to speak up when they have ideas to share.

Amanda: I empower women by challenging them to reach outside their comfort zone and by providing opportunities for them to learn new things and grow professionally.

Allyssa: I empower women by always being down to laugh and share in my coworkers’ happiness.

Lisa: Leading by example and demonstrating that we are strongest when we work with a purpose for the greater good of the entire organization.

Kadie: I work to empower women to know that you CAN do it all and it shouldn’t be a question of which pieces of your life you need to drop to be successful.

Courtney: Empowering women to me means not putting women into a specific mold and I aim to accept all women as they are.

Natalie: I empower women through strength – both mentally and physically – and being a constant reminder to women in my life that femininity isn’t weakness. #liftthingsupandputthemdown

Nicole C.: Helping to create more leaders, encouraging them to have a voice, share their ideas, thoughts and be the positive change they want to see around them.