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So typically I write my blogs about the latest tips or trends in the digital advertising industry, but today I wanted to just take a few minutes to really talk about what being an entrepreneur means to me.

Growing up, my biggest role model was always my grandpa. He really had it together, I thought he had it all–boat, nice big house, multiple cars, property… I was always so proud. The one thing I’ll never forget is that he told me that he had never been rich. Ten-year-old me thought that was crazy. But it was the truth. He was a musician who dropped out of college, but he was also a sailor, a veteran, eventually a graduate, and a business owner. The point in all of this is that he was smart and had a great business mind. He saved, he invested and essentially he succeeded.

Now, I find myself surrounded by a lot of the same type of people. People who don’t always go by what society says, people who think outside of the box, and most of all people who take risks. I don’t think being an entrepreneur is about college, your job, punching a clock or even what someone can teach you or tell you what to do. It’s a lot bigger than that. I think it’s about people who can see something out of nothing, who will work for what they want, and continue to break barriers.

What Being An Entrepreneur Means To Me

It definitely starts with the little things. It’s about showing up early to work, not because you have to but because you want to. It’s about talking about work more than anything, not because you hate it but because you love it. It’s about coming up with new ideas or addressing concerns and not just talking about them, but actually doing them. You take the extra responsibility at work, not because you are going to get a raise or a bonus, but because you actually want to do it. I find myself very passionate about the digital advertising industry, and I think the passion stems from helping other businesses grow and succeed, and truly being a part of it.

In the four years that I have been with SS Digital Media (or what used to be Skislak Digital Advertising), I have seen some amazing things happen. I have seen individuals succeed, the company succeed and overall I believe we’ve made an impact. What once was just me and Nick has grown into 3x the accounts, 3x the revenue, more employment opportunities (at our firm and at the companies we work for), more students with real-world experience (and actually getting jobs!) and limitless possibilities for the future.

Entrepreneurs Are a Different Breed

Someone close once told me that there are two kinds of people in this world. Doers and talkers. People who talk about doing big things and people who actually do big things. I am definitely a doer and I think that’s what my grandpa was, and who the people I surround myself with today are.