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Today we celebrate International Women’s Day at SSDM and who runs the world? Girls!

We asked the ladies of SSDIG if you could have dinner with any woman, living or dead, real or fictional, past or present, who would it be and why?

Amanda – It’s a toss up between Janis Joplin and Michelle Obama, maybe it’s because of my love for music and business leadership. Either way, I’d love to grab a cocktail and hang out for an hour.

Laura – Amelia Earhart. I would ask her how she knew she could kick it in such a male-dominated arena at that time in history. I would love to just shoot the breeze with her and pick up some tips on courage from the discussion.

Shaina – Jackie Kennedy- I would like to hear her story on what her life was like when she was married to John F. Kennedy, and hear the inside stories on what life with the Kennedy family was really like, and what really went down!

Elise – Malala Yousafzai. The confidence and courage Malala has in her femininity and beliefs, especially at such a young age, is incredibly inspiring. Just thinking about what she’s been through and her continuous fight for women’s rights gives me goosebumps!

Tessa – I would choose to have dinner with Oprah Winfrey because she is someone who I have looked up to growing up and how I want to inspire and motivate others! Oprah continues to set an example for women all over the world today. She is also another reason why I chose my career in public relations.

Courtney – Gal Gadot. Aside from being a badass in 2017’s Wonder Woman I’d love to hear what it was like working as the female lead in the first female-driven superhero movie. Growing up I’ve always admired Wonder Woman as a strong, well-rounded character whose an inspiration to other women across the world.

Allyssa – I’d love to have a good laugh over dinner with Amelia Bedelia. Her literal sense of humor, dedication to friendships and passion for everything she does would make for a wonderful experience.

– Ellen Degeneres. She is such a kind and selfless human who is always giving back. On top of that, she is super funny and who doesn’t like a good joke? Be kind to one another.

Kaitlyn – Diana, Princess of Wales. Princess Diana was well-loved, glamorous, compassionate, caring and truly inspiring woman! She devoted her life to charity work – using her publicity to bring attention to many worthy causes. Even after death, she made a huge impact within the royal family and on the world! I’d love to hear her tell her story.

Beyonce says it best…

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