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Two sessions down, so many great conversations, and still so much more to uncover. Here is my quick recap of this morning’s sessions.

Session #1 – Enterprise SEOs, Unite!

1. Simon Heseltine – Global Head of SEO, Hewlett Packard – @simonheseltine
2. Scott Nickels – Director, Audience & Engagement, Hearst Autos – @scott5cents
3. Amber Fehrenbacher – Chief Marketing Officer, – @afehrenbacher
Moderator – Chris Sherman – Partner & VP Event Programming, Third
Door Media, Inc., – @CJSherman

This session covered how these speakers solved their own unique technical and structural issues and helps us think how we can solve our SEO problems.

My take:
It is refreshing to hear from other leading professionals, at larger enterprise level companies with robust internal teams – who run into some of the same challenges agencies do. It is not uncommon for people to launch a website and ask SEO questions later, only to find out they aren’t getting the traffic results they anticipated. Segmenting your data is just as important, maybe even more so in understanding top performing marketing results. Team communication is just as important, SEOs need to talk with the designers, developers, copywriters, marketers from conception of a Web project. The big companies accidentally no-index their sites sometimes…whoops. Mistakes do happen, I think it’s great to know that as search professionals, we are all in this together.

Take aways:

  • Get your teams certified— all of them
  • Get a communication plan place
  • Work closely with your developers
  • Everyone runs into issues, no matter the size of the company or team

Click the links below to see their presentations:
How To SEO In The Enterprise By Amber Fehrenbacher

Enterprise SEO: The Final Frontier By Simon Hesel

You Might Be An Enterprise SEO If…By Scott Nickles

Session #2 – Getting AMPed: What You Need To Know About Accelerated Mobile Pages & Google


  1. John Shehata – VP, SEO, Conde Nast – @jshehata
  2. Elite Truong – Product Manager, Partner Platforms, Vox Media – @elitetruong
  3. Adam Greenberg – Global Product Partnerships, Google – @adamgreenb
  4. Moderator – Danny Sullivan – Founding Editor, Search Engine Land – @dannysullivan

This session focused on what you should be doing to take advantages for accelerated mobile pages to help drive new traffic opportunities on Google.

My take:
Wow! This was a motivating session! There is so much happening in the mobile world. This new Google project is increasing speeds on the mobile content tenfold! This new project was developed because of the following mobile issues:

  1. Slow page load time
  2. Scrolling issues that were non-responsive
  3. Content that shifts around

What AMP intends to deliver:

  • Increase page speed – Faster delivery times
  • A solution to caching
  • Easy implementation
  • Enable monetization
  • Embrace the open Web – AMP is open-source AMP – Open source

Did you know??? 40% of people abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load.

  • AMP Page Load Time Average – .7 seconds
  • Mobile Page Load Time – 22.0 seconds

Take aways:

  • SERP results start showing AMP pages – September 16, 2016
  • Large increase in rankings and CTRs are seen across those who are currently testing

Click the links below to see their presentations:
Getting AMPed!! By John Shehata

Storytelling on Google Search By Elite Truong

AMP: Above & Beyond By Adam Greenberg

Stay tuned for SMX Day 1 Afternoon Recap!

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