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A Podcast for Every Taste

A Podcast for Every Taste

Happy International Podcast Day! Of the 700,000 podcasts worldwide, it turns out the SSDM crew listens to a lot of them, with very little overlap. It seems that SSDMers have a bit of a macabre bent. Many tune in to My Favorite Murder or similar true crime podcasts as...
Employee Highlight: Laura

Employee Highlight: Laura

When you’re a variety junkie, a digital marketing agency is definitely the “place to be.” Laura Oliveto admits to a life-long need for something challenging and new all the time. SSDM satisfies this desire, as well as her need for speed, given the fast pace and tight...
Women’s Day Celebrates the Female Spirit

Women’s Day Celebrates the Female Spirit

In 1910, after the Socialist Party of America organized a Women’s Day in New York, the International Socialist Women’s Conference suggested that a Women’s Day be held annually. 109 years later, the women of SSDM honor the day with our own declarations of support, for...

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