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Visual Designer Wesson Joins SSDM Team

Visual Designer Wesson Joins SSDM Team

Good marketing is only as good as its ability to get someone to stop scrolling and pay attention. In our business, effective visuals are that “stop sign” to get folks to read and consider your content, especially in the whirlwind social-media environment. We are...
You’re Getting “Blockbustered”

You’re Getting “Blockbustered”

Who are you? I see this happening everyday with businesses of all sizes. Most of them still haven’t realized they are a media and technology company, not the product or service they sell. We are in what I like to think of as the first or second round of what is going...
SSDM’s Christmas Wishlist 2019

SSDM’s Christmas Wishlist 2019

We asked the team what they wanted for Christmas this year, but with a catch. It had to be something that you wouldn’t find under the Christmas tree. Here’s what we’re asking for: “A treehouse in the forest” Nicole C. “An all expenses paid...

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