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For someone who somewhat stumbled upon digital marketing, Robert Kub has become an aficionado of digital marketing analytics. He also is the proud rescuer of Kahla, a Saluki, one of the oldest known dog breeds, “the hunting hound of kings.”

The art of marketing

Robert studied art and art history and his creations grace many walls in his home. They are well-defined and bold, similar to the conclusions to be drawn from smart, solid digital marketing strategies.

After starting his professional career at Detroit’s very avant-garde Museum of Contemporary Art, he became an Apple technician and so began his appreciation of the art of marketing technology.

Flexibility and ingenuity, the keys to success

Through online classes at Coursera, Robert learned the finer points of digital marketing and then, to gain expertise, offered to develop paid search campaigns for anyone who needed the exposure. The analytical results portion of this endeavor became so fascinating to him, he was off and running on a career track that would eventually lead him to SSDM, where he will develop and analyze strategic direction for search and social campaigns.

On the way, Robert worked with several digital marketing agencies, honing his skills in the very competitive automotive arena, where flexibility and ingenuity were the keys to his success. These traits will serve him well at SSDM, where the clients’ industries are much more diverse, but certainly just as challenging.

Analytics as a powerful, strategic tool

Robert notes a campaign for a homewares client that involved an intriguing digital marketing challenge: supercharge the client’s e-commerce transition from its reliance on retail location placement to a direct-to-customer success story.

With research, data analysis and audits, Robert revolutionized the client’s search strategy, optimizing the media allocation balance to maximize budgets and achieve the desired results.

Email marketing and then remarketing was added. In one year, online revenue doubled from $1 million to $2 million.

An all-or-nothing attitude

When asked about his favorite ice-cream flavor, he declares it’s a simple left-over from childhood: vanilla bean with a hearty helping of Hershey’s chocolate syrup, but when pressed, his dual Gemini nature emerges and he swoons over a Jeni’s flavor called Brambleberry Crisp, a rather exotic blend of oven-toasted oat streusel, with a sweet-tart mix of blackberry and blackcurrant jam layered through a sumptuous Madagascar bourbon vanilla ice cream.

Please join us in welcoming Robert to our Performance and Media Teams.