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Psychologist or journalist? When she was growing up, Marissa at one time or another wanted to be one of them … or a singer or a graphic or interior designer. What she found was that a career in digital marketing provides the opportunity to satisfy quite a few of them.

The storytelling spirit

Growing up with an older sister who loves to bake, a very creative grandma and a mom who loves arts and crafts, it’s no wonder Marissa worked her way through college with jobs at Coldstone Creamery and Pier 1 Imports.

At Pier 1, she helped people tell their story through their surroundings and came to appreciate the ancient Asian art of feng shui. She believes that chi runs through room layouts, website design and blogs.

During her last two years at Walsh College, she was president of the student marketing association and worked in the College’s Marketing Department. There, she enjoyed being a sounding board for student marketing messaging, prior to executing in social media. 

As a marketing associate at SSDM, Marissa will focus on external communications for us, helping to tell our story through blogs, social media and other means.

Team dynamics

At SSDM, Marissa is enjoying interaction with her teammates, already participating in strategic direction discussions. She feels her strength lies in social media campaign development and she also relishes deriving recommendations from audience engagement statistics, as well as developing the images to accompany blogs and social posts.

Extracurricular activity

As a member of the marketing committee for AWC Detroit (Association for Women in Communications), Marissa helps to promote the chapter’s professional development programs and is currently supporting its Media Room Spotlight series, highlighting local but nationally recognized women writers.

In addition, she develops strategies and writes posts for the chapter’s social media channels.

Fun fact

Marissa starred in more than a few musicals in high school, and points out the reason she always tried out for – and got – the role of the villain. “They always get the coolest songs, with the sassiest lyrics, dripping in irony and sarcasm. What’s not to love?”

Please join us in welcoming Marissa to the SSDM team.