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Happy International Podcast Day!

Of the 700,000 podcasts worldwide, it turns out the SSDM crew listens to a lot of them, with very little overlap.

It seems that SSDMers have a bit of a macabre bent. Many tune in to My Favorite Murder or similar true crime podcasts as they cover the “trifecta of 1) random weirdness, 2) serial killers, and 3) the paranormal.”

Other teammates like podcasts that favor the double entendre, listening to Disgraceland and Pod Save America.

Still, others look to podcasts for professional enlightenment, choosing Ted Talks Daily, Herding Tigers, and The Mindset Mentor.

But Why?

When asked why they prefer certain podcasts, the list of reasons covered the spectrum. Here are some comments from the SSDM team:

  • Podcasts offer a quick bit of educational information on the morning or afternoon commute
  • There’s something for everyone
  • The hosts are great storytellers with lots of humor and banter
  • It’s good to hear different viewpoints
  • Podcasts make us think
  • It’s a great way to digest new information in bite-sized chunks

Mo’ Better in Motown

Still, others cited podcasts like GoalDigger as resources for creative girl bosses, providing invaluable marketing and entrepreneurship tips. And of course, there are the die-hard Motown natives who listen to Crain’s Detroit Rising, Jibs and The Detroit History Podcast to frame the City, past and present.

Who are you?

Are you an info junkie or into self-improvement? There are 29 million available podcast episodes and 600 new podcasts launching every day. As one of our astute team members pointed out, “there’s something for everyone.”

As avid podcast listeners, we encourage you to find one that speaks to you and binge it to your heart’s content.

Happy listening, and Happy International Podcast Day!