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Facebook is the largest used social media site for friends to connect and share things they enjoy. So it only makes sense that your company should use Facebook for the same purpose. Here are seven ways to connect with your customer and market your products on Facebook.

  1. Make the Best Facebook Business Page – Facebook is free, so it’s a great way to spread the word about your business, for free! Tell people who you are, and better yet, show them. Display your company’s personality through the business page. Explain what you offer and provide pictures, videos and links for the best results. For example, if you are a shoe company, this video is sure to attract customers not just to your product, but also to your personable business.

  1. Facebook Advertising – You may have noticed the columns running down the side of your page. That’s Facebook advertising, and it targets demographics based on age, location, interests, etc. Facebook ads allow people to “like” your page, therefore following it, and so your news is now advertised in their news feed.

  1. Hosting Contests – Facebook contests are a great way to draw attention to you page. You cannot actually use Facebook to host a contest. There must be a third party where people can sign up, but it is a great way to get people to notice.

  1. Promoted Posts – Facebook lets a page owner promote posts for a flat rate to reach a certain number of people. As opposed to traditional Facebook advertising, promoted posts ensure a better chance that your ad is seen among the many ads already on a page.

  1. Sponsored Stories – Sponsored stories are a type of ad that shows friends what their friends are doing. If someone “likes” your page it will show up on their friends’ news feed. When people see their friends all following the same companies they are very likely to do the same.

  1. Facebook Open Graph – Have you noticed that you can log into just about anything through Facebook? Have you seen in your news feed that Joe has just listened to some song on Spotify? That’s all due to Facebook Open Graph. You allow Facebook to share what you are listening to, where you are and what you are doing through Open Graph. It’s another bandwagon technique. If you see others doing it, you are more likely to follow.

  2. Facebook Exchange – (FBX) lets advertisers retarget audiences. Do you notice that you visit a website, but do not buy anything, and then that website is advertising on your Facebook page? Using visitor’s history, Facebook can retarget advertising towards that person.

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